US-Mexican Border

The border is no different than New York City, The Puget Sound or Mongolia in the basic aspects of life. People are born there, they live and grow up and fall in love and get married and work there just like in any other place on earth. They drive cars, drink beer, play pool, race horses, shop, and the years go by. At the same time, of course, it is a place where people intersect in a dramatic way, thanks to the enormous difference between the economies north and south of the border. To maintain, however, that the border is just a place of mariachis, gun battles, drug smuggling and furtive alien hordes sneaking into the backyards of Texas is unmerited. I hope to speak to the whole border experience in my work.

A pastoral landscape on the left side of a metal wall, and a dusty roadway with detritus on the other
The Two Sides
A street vendor cooks tacos as customers stand by
Three cowboys on horseback holding lassos in a small rodeo arena
Eddie's Arena
Dry tree limbs tethered with barbed wire used as a fence in the desert
The Border on the Papago Reservation
Men stripped or stripping to their underwear on a river bed
Preparing to Cross
View of a road sign from a car reads "Travel Caution: smuggling and illegal immigration may be encountered in this area"
Dangerous Road
View of a dirt road and a black, undulating fence from a car
The Fence
A tank and flag viewed from behind bars in the desert
An older man in sunglasses and a cowboy hat smiles inside a cafe
Justice of the Peace, Texas
A young man in knee-deep sea casts a net
Matamoros, Mexico
The US-Mexico border fence
The Fence
A building and road seen from the windshield of a car
Gay 90's Bar, Naco
A woman nursing a baby sits amidst piles of clothes and a sign showing a price
Used Clothes
A desert road stretches into distant mountains seen from the windshield of a car
Mexico in the Distance
A dirt road with an undulating fence seen from the windshield of a car
The Fence
A group of people wait along a fence
Waiting for Night
The silhouette of a person on a target with bullet holes
U.S. Customs Target, Antelope Wells Border Crossing
A man hangs from a wire fence
The Old Fence
A group of men play cards at a table
Card Players
A deflated rubber raft is partly buried in the sand in a desert landscape
Raft in the Desert
An unpside down car in a desert landscape
A border patrol vehicle behind a van
Heavy Van
A group of crosses in front of a fence in the desert and a rock that says "Bienvenidos a Mexico"
Welcome to Mexico
An old woman sitting with a bag full of soda cans reads a Playboy magazine
An older man leans back agains the back of a pick up truck
Papago Man
A shirtless man seen from behind looks out across the Rio Grande
So Close, Yet So Far Away
Boder patrol agents and a man behind a border patrol truck
A windmill in a desert landscape
A barred fence stretches across the beach into the water
Tijuana's Ocean Fence
An old man in a cowboy hat and long jacket smokes in front of a building with two couches
Furniture Dealer, Ojinaga, Mexico
Three old truck tires that have been dragged across the dirt near a desert road
A Method to Reveal Fresh Footprints
A man stands at a doorway
Mexican Thrift Store Owner
Two dark figures walk by the side of the road in a desert
Migrants Walking
A close up of a tarantula on a road in the desert
A man with a camera at his hip talks to a couple looking a sample photos on the street
Photographer, Juarez
Three men cross a barbed wire fence
Running Through the Fence
A group of men playing dominoes
Domino Players
A man rows a boat across a river and men on horseback stand on the opposite bank
Crossing at Santa Elena
An old post with a cable that stretches over a river
Cable Over the Rio Grande
Men and women carry boxes and bags away from a tractor trailer truck
Food Bank
A man sits at a fountain next to a life size sculpture of a man in a park
A chain link fence with a hole in a landscape
A Hole in the Fence
A suspension bridge stretches over a river in a desert landscape
Suspension Bridge
Two figures cross over a planck across a river
Board Crossing
A herd of cows moving across a desert landscape
Ojinaga, Mexico
A man sitting on a chair holds a rattle snake in a gripper outside of a building
Man with Rattlesnake
A wooden cross in a bucket with flowers in a desert landscape
Death in the Desert
A road stretches across a valley with mountains on either side
Big Bend
Men and tall bars are backlit in a beach
The Beach at Tijuana
A young man in a cowboy hat holds a rifle while a sales person helps him in a store
Buying a Gun in Presidio
A river bend
Rio Grande
Men wait at a chain link fence while a man gets inside a car
Paying to Enter
A woman seen from behind watches a group of men in a hand operated ferry cross a river
Ferry at Los Ebanos
A young man and an old man sit on a US Mexico boundary monument
U.S.-Mexican Border
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