A pastoral landscape on the left side of a metal wall, and a dusty roadway with detritus on the other
The Two Sides
A street vendor cooks tacos as customers stand by
Three cowboys on horseback holding lassos in a small rodeo arena
Eddie's Arena
Dry tree limbs tethered with barbed wire used as a fence in the desert
The Border on the Papago Reservation
Men stripped or stripping to their underwear on a river bed
Preparing to Cross
View of a road sign from a car reads "Travel Caution: smuggling and illegal immigration may be encountered in this area"
Dangerous Road
View of a dirt road and a black, undulating fence from a car
The Fence
A tank and flag viewed from behind bars in the desert
An older man in sunglasses and a cowboy hat smiles inside a cafe
Justice of the Peace, Texas
A young man in knee-deep sea casts a net
Matamoros, Mexico
The US-Mexico border fence
The Fence
A building and road seen from the windshield of a car
Gay 90's Bar, Naco
A woman nursing a baby sits amidst piles of clothes and a sign showing a price
Used Clothes
A desert road stretches into distant mountains seen from the windshield of a car
Mexico in the Distance
A dirt road with an undulating fence seen from the windshield of a car
The Fence
A group of people wait along a fence
Waiting for Night
The silhouette of a person on a target with bullet holes
U.S. Customs Target, Antelope Wells Border Crossing
A man hangs from a wire fence
The Old Fence
A group of men play cards at a table
Card Players
A deflated rubber raft is partly buried in the sand in a desert landscape
Raft in the Desert
An unpside down car in a desert landscape
A border patrol vehicle behind a van
Heavy Van
A group of crosses in front of a fence in the desert and a rock that says "Bienvenidos a Mexico"
Welcome to Mexico
An old woman sitting with a bag full of soda cans reads a Playboy magazine
An older man leans back agains the back of a pick up truck
Papago Man
A shirtless man seen from behind looks out across the Rio Grande
So Close, Yet So Far Away
Boder patrol agents and a man behind a border patrol truck
A windmill in a desert landscape
A barred fence stretches across the beach into the water
Tijuana's Ocean Fence
An old man in a cowboy hat and long jacket smokes in front of a building with two couches
Furniture Dealer, Ojinaga, Mexico
Three old truck tires that have been dragged across the dirt near a desert road
A Method to Reveal Fresh Footprints
A man stands at a doorway
Mexican Thrift Store Owner
Two dark figures walk by the side of the road in a desert
Migrants Walking
A close up of a tarantula on a road in the desert
A man with a camera at his hip talks to a couple looking a sample photos on the street
Photographer, Juarez
Three men cross a barbed wire fence
Running Through the Fence
A group of men playing dominoes
Domino Players
A man rows a boat across a river and men on horseback stand on the opposite bank
Crossing at Santa Elena
An old post with a cable that stretches over a river
Cable Over the Rio Grande
Men and women carry boxes and bags away from a tractor trailer truck
Food Bank
A man sits at a fountain next to a life size sculpture of a man in a park
A chain link fence with a hole in a landscape
A Hole in the Fence
A suspension bridge stretches over a river in a desert landscape
Suspension Bridge
Two figures cross over a planck across a river
Board Crossing
A herd of cows moving across a desert landscape
Ojinaga, Mexico
A man sitting on a chair holds a rattle snake in a gripper outside of a building
Man with Rattlesnake
A wooden cross in a bucket with flowers in a desert landscape
Death in the Desert
A road stretches across a valley with mountains on either side
Big Bend
Men and tall bars are backlit in a beach
The Beach at Tijuana
A young man in a cowboy hat holds a rifle while a sales person helps him in a store
Buying a Gun in Presidio
A river bend
Rio Grande
Men wait at a chain link fence while a man gets inside a car
Paying to Enter
A woman seen from behind watches a group of men in a hand operated ferry cross a river
Ferry at Los Ebanos
A young man and an old man sit on a US Mexico boundary monument
U.S.-Mexican Border
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