A large American flag amidst detritus under an overpass
A man in a coat and beany hat smoking
A person sleeping under felt blankets on the dirt amidst rocks and objects
A fire ring with coals in front of a plywood wall and door
A shirtless man with hat and boots sitting on a makeshift bed on a dirt floor
A cross-eyed woman leans over a fence in front of temporary sheds
A man sits in a recliner under an umbrella in a undeveloped area near an overpass
A tarp tent under an overpass
A man in suspenders sits at a tent entrance
A shirtless man in shorts and a small-brimmed hat smoking inside a tarrp covered shelter
A shelter made with tarp with objects and a bicycle
A man playing the harmonica in front of a concrete wall with stacks of objects
A big man holding a drink in front of a blanket-covered shelter under and overpass
Tents and detritus under road signs indicating the way to the City Center
A woman with a hoody looks at a makeshift tarp/shelter in a woody area
A man wearing a hospital gown and a hat infront of a fire under an overpass
A tent under an overpass
Two men wearing headlamps sitting next to a fire with cats
A man with a beany hat stands next to a pile of objects under an overpass
A tent surrounded by detritus in a wooded area
A man wearing a ball cap holding a long bladed knife behind a messy trailer
A binder on sleeping back with wet notes that say "I love u so much baby..." etc.
A tarp and blanket leanto using a chain link fence in a wooded area with a sign saying "camping prohibited"
Tent and detritus in a woody area with the seattle football stadium in the background
A shopping cart and tarp shelter under an overpass
A tent, sleeping bags, clothes line and detritus
A sign "Notice and Order to Remove" in front of a tent surrounded by detritus in a woody area
A sign "notice and order to remove" in front of a tent with leaves and objects on the ground in a wooded area
A clothes line with pants hanging over an open suit case, sleeping bag and objects
Two tents in a wooded area
Flattened cardboard boxes in a wooded area where someone slept
A tarp covered tent hidden amidst branches and ferns
A man walks up a hillside with a tent in the foreground and the Seattle city skline in the back
Flattened cardboard boxes covered in leaves in a wooded area where someone slept
A tarp-covered tent over the Seattle highway and skyline
The photographer's shadow and a pair of clothed legs sticking out of a tent
A pile of garbage in the foreground with a tent and the city skyline in the back
Plastic chairs, potted plants and a tarp in a wooded area near a turn off and overpass
Two legs propped up on a couch under an overpass
A person sleeping under an overpass inside a sleeping bag
A shirtless man lights up a cigarette inside a two walls made of blankets
A shopping cart and objects next to a bed made of felt blankets under an overpass
A chaos of shopping carts, clothes and objects by the side of the road
A puppy stretches in front of a tarp shelter
A man sleeping under a blanket on the street
A person wearing a hoody next to a branch of ivy and a concrete wall surrounded by detritus
A shirtless man with a cigarette and beaded necklace reaches into a plastic box on the street
A tattooed young man holding a hand-rolled cigarette sits and gestures infront of a tent
A tarp strung across tree limbs in a wooded area
A pile of matted clothes in a wooded area with a sign "Absolute Desperation"
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