Artists, cowboys, and other interesting people

English painter leaning with a cigarette in his mouth
Paul Ashurst, Painter
Man with a leather jacket sitting infront of an old bristle cone pine trunk
Steve Crouch, Photographer
Man with a cowboy hat in a room with cowboy paraphernalia
Young man sitting with a barely visible gun in his right hand
John Anderson, Photographer
Man standing, leaning his head on his arm
Kent Nagano, Conductor
Old man staring at the viewer intently
Tony Vacarro, Photographer
Man smoking a pipe and staring at a chess game
Joe Goldberg, Painter
Old woman sitting resting cheek on hand
Virginia Adams, Ansel's Wife
Old man sitting and looking at the viewer
Jack Stauffacher, Printer
old man playing the piano
Claude Frank, Pianist
Man with cigarette in his left hand, with right fist raised up to his face
Ronal Puerto, Nicaraguan Poet
Man leaning against a column inside an art gallery
Dieter Stadler, Director, Casa de los Tres Mundos, Granada, Nicaragua
A man seen from the back shoots a target inside a painting studio
Doug Snow, Painter
A woman leaning over a table mixes paints inside a painting studio
Aitana de la Jara, Painter
An old man with hand on chin on a country trail
Ernst Bacon, Composer
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