A high concrete wall with a dirt road on one side and a wet paved road on another
A young male soldier speaks with an arab man while a female soldier leans on a wall
A group of youn men watch as another does a long jump in the dirt in front of a concrete wall
Two concrete walls undulate in a landscape
Men, children, and a woman with a head scarf stand on a road full of litter
A woman with a head scarf and long black dress walks infront of two female manequins
High concrete walls enclose a road
A view of a concrete wall and traffic from a bus windshield
A woman wearing a head scarf and long black dress crosses at a gap in a concrete wall
A concrete wall with buildings on the opposide end
Two men in a vehicle watch two soldiers performing car checks
A high concrete wall blocks a neighborhood road
Three arab men drink tea in front of the israeli wall
Barbed wire road blocks and a concrete wall flank a dirt road
Razor wire is spread on a bank of a road
A young jewish soldier sitting with an assault rifle on his knee looks at two young women
A double row of concrete blocks used to create a wall
The israeli concrete wall seen from the side, with buildings in the background
Two young israeli soldiers with assault rifles slung at their sides buy food at a deli
A young girl looks at the viewer with a high concrete wall stretching out behind her
A concrete wall snakes across a landscape with buildings on the left of it
Concrete walls enclose a road with cars
Women and men walk along a narrow fenced in area in a desert landscape
A dashed line and scissors are painted on a concrete wall
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